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The Kinkaju Temple or the Golden Pavilion

The Kinkaju Temple or the Golden Pavilion, is one of the unique temples in Kyoto and is a must to visit. Because this temple is half-court surrounded by a lake so as to create a beautiful reflection. The natural scenery is also beautiful because it is located in the foothills Kinugasa. So even if visitors are prohibited from entering the building, you can still enjoy the treats of its natural beauty that has been listed as a UNICEF world cultural heritage.

Don’t forget to visit the Temple of Kinkaju in the winter. While the temple building is covered with snow that will add the aesthetic value of this temple itself, because of the combination color of gold from the temple building and the whiteness of the snow. So this temple is one of things to do in Kyoto in winter.

Another tip, if you want to get a good photo, you can pose in the south of the Mirror Pond or Kyoko-chi because in its own pond it will reflect the shadow of the Kinkakuji Temple, and a good time to take pictures is during the afternoon when the Sun is in the south.

The temple is very easily accessible by public transport, you can take the city bus number 101 or 205 from JR Kyoto Station then get off at Kinkaku-ji-michi and walk for 3 minutes to the temple.