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5 Cheap Things to Do In Bali for Low Budget Travelers

Mount Batur Volcano
Photo by @amanjivraj & @Shai.xox

It is true that Bali is an island that has amazing views. Therefore, don’t waste your time spending holidays in the usual places. Have unforgettable experiences with camping, climbing and having fun on the beach. Can all of this be enjoyed cheaply? Of course, because there is evidence of 5 cheap things to do in Bali. Even you can still find a list of amazing free items in Bali.

Admire the Beautiful Scenery of Mount Agung

Bali chooses many exotic beaches that are free. But if you want to spend time uniquely then get rid of the beach from the list of tourist destinations. You can find alternative destinations by visiting Mount Agung which offers the most valuable features in Bali. It might be needed physically strong enough to climb the mountain, but don’t be pessimistic. Arriving at the summit, you will be welcomed by the beautiful Balinese charm of Mount Agung.

Cultural Festivals Make You Even More in Love with Bali

Bali is not enough to sedate tourists with nature tourism, this island will also make you fascinated by its unique culture. A new window for tourists can observe lively traditional festivals. Starting from the Ogoh-ogoh, Nyepi and many other interesting events throughout the year. You can see diverse traditions in each region that aim to celebrate special events in Bali.

Enjoy Camping In a Tropical Paradise

Who said that lodging in Bali is expensive? You can still enjoy the comfort of resting in the beautiful tropical landscape. Yass! Camping is an exciting activity that you have to do with friends or family. Many accommodation options offer camping equipment at much cheaper prices. You can determine the camping location starting from the Asah hill, the peak of Mount Agung or Nyang Nyang Beach.

Go Climb Bukit Bali by Crossing Exotic Valleys

If you feel you cannot climb the high mountains in Bali, you can choose another destination by climbing the hill or Mount Batur Sunset Trekking. Hiking is a way to appreciate nature without having to spend a lot of money. You are free to breathe fresh air or explore tropical forests. Most importantly, you can feel the warm sunshine and meet various types of wildlife in the heart of Ubud.feel the warm sunshine and meet various types of wildlife in the heart of Ubud.

Admire the Natural Colors of Sunset in Bali

Seeing sunset is one of the mandatory activities in Bali. Anyone can easily capture the epic moment of this beautiful sky color. One of the favorite places to see the sunset is Kuta Beach. Only a few minutes’ walks you can find this beach. Are you interested in experiencing an unforgettable vacation? We will be happy to help your dream vacation become real. Visit Wandernesia official website and find your dream destination now!