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Six Things to Do If You Visit Bali

Sekumpul Waterfall
Photo by @miskajakub_travelers

Choose interesting tourist routes to spend quality time with your loved ones. You will not miss a vacation in Bali with your family or partner, because all you need is here! Only Bali gives you a rich experience of a combination of hidden gems.

Get Fresh and Pollution-Free Air Only in Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Tegalalang Rice Terrace is often used as an Instagram able place for most foreign tourists. The view of the green rice valley is the main attraction of this attraction. Morning or evening is the perfect time to take lots of pictures with a beautiful background of rice fields. Visiting this place is also very easy, drive by car and activate digital maps to the north of Ubud.

Find a Hidden Treasure at Diamond Beach

Who does not fall in love with blue silk water and white sand? Diamond Beach anesthetizes you with sea charm among palm trees at the foot of limestone cliffs. A natural wonder that amazes you with exotic scenery so finds this treasure by planning a trip to Nusa Penida.

Relax Your Mind by Soaking in Sekumpul Waterfall

Away from the beach resorts, you can find real gems in Sekumpul Waterfall. Feel the eternal freshness of splashes of strong water and fall from a height of 100 meters from the top of the mountains. Sekumpul Waterfall hypnotizes you with natural beauty from the splash of coolness and views of lush forests.

Explore the Underwater Charm of Gili Air

Almost like Diamond Beach, Gili Air also has natural charm in the form of turquoise water and soft white sand. Snorkeling on Gili Air is the best activity! You can meet various types of aquatic animals such as ornamental fish and turtles that swim freely. Don’t wait for long. Come on, book holiday tickets in Wandernesia and get unforgettable pleasure with your loved ones.

Learning the Unique Traditions of Bali with Local Residents

Bali is known as an area that is still strong in maintaining culture and tradition. You can further recognize the local life of Bali by visiting cultural villages or living with local families. Feel unique in being a genuine Balinese who is busy living his daily life, starting from work, to enjoying delicious food.

Pick Up the Rising Sun at Munduk

Sunrise is a natural painting that never gets bored with attracting attention. Apart from the mountains in Bali, Munduk is also a favorite place to admire the sunrise. Munduk is on high land and has a perfect green landscape because the climate is foggier. So, fill your camera’s battery to take lots of epic pictures of the rising sun. How? Are you interested in visiting the 6 best tourist spots in Bali? Perfect your holiday with six things to do if you visit Bali.